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Circus Workshops

Circus Workshops

An introduction to circus! This is a chance to try your hand at some classic circus skills including Diablo, hula-hoop, scarf juggling, stilt walking and poi. Have-a-go circus is great for fetes and festivals, corporate function and town centre events. Lead by skilled and interactive workshop leaders, they can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.


Circus workshops are also a fantastic option for clubs and schools, as they’re fun, active and completely different from normal lessons. Practising and learning circus skills also helps to improve hand-eye coordination and is engaging for all. It can be run as a one off workshop or as one of many, which could culminate in a showcase of all the skills learnt.

Circus Workshops

These more relaxed circus workshops allow you to drop in and out, and try whichever skills you want for as long as you want. Helpful and experienced circus workshop leaders will be present to give advice and pointers, with the workshop area creating a fun space for anyone who wants to join in.

Free Play Workshops

Whether it is just a specific skill that you want to focus on, such as whips, or stilts, or an entire day of circus activities planned out, our structured workshops go into slightly more skill and technical detail.

Structured Workshops


You don’t have to be little to run away and join the circus - These workshops are perfect for adults too. Whether it is a team building exercise, or a fun activity at a corporate party, circus workshops are sure to loosen everyone up. Guests can learn a host of new skills, and earn prestigious bragging rights when it comes to being the best hula hooper or stilt walker.

Corporate Workshops

Props and Skills List:

Flambé are able to provide a wide array of circus wokrshop kit, complete with experience workshop leaders so that anyone can have a go at all the most popular circus skills. Please see below for a description of some of the skills we can teach.


A circus workshop classic, Juggling is a great way to improve hand eye coordination and dexterity.

Plate Spinning

An old circus favorite. Hours of fun and very achievable. Managed 1? Try 8 at once.


Another classic circus prop. The Diabolo is  controlled with two sticks and a string allowing for impressive tricks/high throws.


Originating in New Zealand. Poi involves swinging tethered weights through a variety of rhymical and geometric patterns.

Stilt Walking

Poles equipeed with steps for the feet and straps attached to legs. A real test of balance and courage. Various sizes to suit all.

Cigar Boxes

A classic "gentlemen" juggling style prop. Using 1 or more box to manipulate and control boxes or objects. usually involving throws.

Whip Cracking*

At 760 miles per hours, whip cracking is our fastest circus skill. Break the sound barrier or try your hand at target practice.

Knfe Throwing*

A slice of the old west. A great test of coordination and control. How high a score can you get in our after workshop competition.


The classic western art of rope spinning, we have lassos for big and little cowgirls/boys, so come on over and have a go, ya hear?


Who doesn't love bubbles?! Learn to make giant bubbles with special homemade wands or just make thousands at once.

Devil Stick

A central "Devil stick" is controlled by two handsticks allowing throws, catches and spins. A true test of coordination.

Levi Stick

Also known as the dancing cane. This prop is an old magicians favourite modernised for dance. An unusual prop to learn.

Peddle Racers

The precurser to unicycling. Two pads with wheels attached challenge a persons balance while trying to pick up speed.

Rolla Bolla

Challenge your balance with this board on a cylinder. Work your centre of gravity and control.

Hula Hoop

A classic toy turned modern dance and circus prop. Modern hooping combines the waist type movements with adanced tricks.


Instantly recognisable, this challenging skill is for those that really want to test their balance. Fun and exhilarating experience.

*Whip Cracking and Knife Throwing not suitable for children